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Given the long history connected with the city it is such a shame that so many people drive straight past Worcester on the M5. If only they set some time aside they would very soon discover that the county town of Worcestershire offers its visitors numerous attractions to enjoy. Of course, if you are lucky enough to be a citizen of Worcester, you will hardly need telling that there are numerous potential meeting venues if you are planning a date. Here's a summary of places that answer the question 'where to date in Worcester'.

For many people, you will never be able to top the cosy and relaxed ambiance of a city restaurant. However, if you haven’t eaten out for some time, it can be difficult to know which eateries are providing their customers with the best standards of food and service. This is where we come in, as we have taken the time to research the restaurants in the city that are definitely ticking all the right boxes right now.

If you fancy a taste of the cuisine from the Indian subcontinent, popular choices in Worcester include The Monsoon Indian Restaurant and Bombay Palace. Different types of cuisine from the continent are widely represented in Worcester and include The Fusion Brasserie, The Olive Branch, Saffrons Bistro, Galleria Italiana and Puccini’s. If you have a penchant for Japanese fare, Double Sushi will prove to be right up your street; and for British dishes, The Ginger Pig Cafe Bar and Bistro, Mac and Jac’s Cafe-Deli, The Bear and Ragged Staff, Karmic Cafe and The Masons Arms are all ideal choices.

You will also find a good number of bars, pubs and clubs in the city centre of Worcester, if you fancy a quiet drink before your meal or want to extend your time together after. Alternatively, if you are keen to meet-up in a non-restaurant environment, there are myriad other suggestions for you.

Meet at Local Venues

For a start, you might both like to rediscover the history of your city and this can be done by visiting the impressive Worcester Cathedral, The Elgar Birthplace Museum, Worcester Guildhall, The Commandery, The Greyfriars, The Royal Worcester Visitors Centre and The George Marshall Medical Museum.

Living in and around Worcester, you are very fortunate in that you are literally surrounded by breathtaking areas of natural beauty and important historic houses and their grounds. This type of meeting place will be ideal for any couple who is keen to talk and really get to know each other without any distractions. Some of the best in Worcester include Hanbury Hall, Snowshill Manor, Croome Park and Spetchley Park Gardens.

Our last suggestion involves an idea that may not have been at the forefront of your mind. With Worcester Racecourse being on your very own doorstep, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy betting on the gigi’s and having plenty of fun together. This is guaranteed to break the ice between the two of you and keep any awkward silences fully at bay. The West Midlands city of Worcester offers its inhabitants no end of possible places to meet for their next date. Be this a cosy and convivial restaurant; time spent in one of the interesting local attractions; or even a day at Worcester Racecourse, there is bound to be something that will appeal to you both.

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