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If you are one of the 116,000+ inhabitants of the Hampshire city of Winchester you will likely already be aware of the fact that you are living in the former capital of Wessex and England. Hundreds of years ago Winchester governed this great country of ours at a time when London was seen as being much less important than it is today. To this very day, Winchester is still an impressive historical and beautiful city and this will make it easy for you if you are trying to work out where to go on a date.

Many people simply like to be an atmosphere where they are able to chat freely and get to know the person they are with properly. This will often mean that a quiet and relaxed restaurant is conducive to their needs and when it comes to Winchester you have plenty of options. The city offers a good number of different cuisine types from around the world and these include delightful Thai food at Bangkok Brasserie; a Japanese menu at either Kyoto Kitchen or Tanoshii Fusion; and Indian choices are very well catered for in Winchester with The Bengal Sage and Rimjhim India both ranking particularly highly for customer satisfaction.

If you would prefer a more British or gastropub type of menu, popular venues are The William Walker Brasserie, The Porterhouse (steakhouse), No. 5 Bridge Street, Chesil Rectory, Cafe Monde, The Willow Tree, The Wykeham Arms, The St James Tavern, The King Alfred, and The Old Vyne, to name a few. Many other pubs offer food so you won't have to walk far to find one.

There are also plenty of mainstream restaurants situated in Jewry Street, the High Street, and elsewhere near the city centre. You won't be short of food or drink within the city walls.

A restaurant may not be what everyone is looking for, however. Some people may prefer to visit one of the city’s main tourist attractions together and ideas along these lines include Winchester Cathedral (which is the city’s top attraction), The Great Hall and King Arthur’s Round Table, Winchester City Museum, The City Mill and The Westgate Debtors’ Prison. This was used as place of incarceration for around 150 years and on the walls you can still see graffiti createdy by frustrated prisoners.

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One of the best-known daughters of the city of Winchester was the world famous romantic novelist, Jane Austen. Today, it is possible to visit Jane Austen’s former house and this will be an ideal opportunity to find out more about her life. Miss Austen’s tomb is now housed in Winchester Cathedral and this can combine two attractions in one visit.

If we still haven’t quite identified the right attraction for your next date in Winchester, a couple of other suggestions include Abbey House and Gardens (a place where you can enjoy complete peace and tranquility in an exceptionally colourful and beautiful setting) and Wolvesley Castle.

Another option for walkers is to follow the path to the east of the city that leads to St Giles. It's a short walk and you are still within the city yet from its summit you can take in the view and point out landmarks and buildings dating back hundreds of years. Alternatively, follow the Upper High Street route to Oram's Arbor and view the city from the West.

If you want a longer walk, follow the river through the Water Meadows and eventually you'll reach the foot of St Catherine's Hill. Climb the hill and walk around the turf miz-maze. Rest awhile and take in the view while imagining what the landscape would have looked like 200, 400, 600, or a 1,000 years ago.

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