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Anyone hoping to find a date while visiting the UK would do well to consider joining My UK Dating, but it's worth bearing mind a few of the unique characteristics of the English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish. Perhaps you have visited the UK before and you know it well, or maybe you think you know what to expect from single men and women in the UK. Like everyone else on the planet British people have local characteristics i.e. they are shaped by their genes, climate, national history and even the topology of the areas in which they live.

If you're heading for the capital city, London, or one of the other major cities in England you will find them to be very cosmopolitan places with a very diverse mix of races. Away from the major population centres then the atmosphere can be quite different, but just as interesting and welcoming in their own way with their regional accents (easy to understand when you've spent a few hours in the company of local people) and diverse mix of food and customs.

Indeed, part of the pleasure of travelling around the UK is comparing the regional accents, customs, and landscapes, for as much as people have in common, it's their differences that spark the curiousity and which lead to conversation.

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Pubs, restaurants and cafes are popular meeting places for couples getting to know each other but if you're looking for a free date with a local then why not suggest that they show you around one of the city's landmarks or go on a guided tour of the local town. Many historic attractions do not charge an entrance fee.

Generalisations aside, the British do love sport, particularly football, rugby and tennis. British history stretches back to pre Roman times. The landscape of Britain tells its own tale with thousands of fascinating landmarks.

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