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The Cornish city of Truro may not exactly be sprawling metropolis (with a population of just over 17,000 inhabitants), but nevertheless, as it is the administrative headquarters for Cornwall, there are actually many places to consider for a date. This is a very popular tourist destination, too, and this means there are more venues in the area than would otherwise be expected from a settlement with such a low population.

North of Falmouth, the city of Truro has some fine examples of Georgian and Victorian architecture. The best parts of the city in which to see these historic buildings are around Lemon Street and Walsingham Place, which conveniently enough, is where you will tend to find many of the best suggestions for places to meet on a date. This is the area of the city that attracts most of the tourists and where you will find some of the most exclusive and highly-rated bars and restaurants.

When it comes to restaurants, Truro really does spoil its residents and if you haven’t eaten out in the city for a while, you may feel as though you have lost touch with the establishments that prove to be the best at the moment. The eateries that appear to be ticking all the right boxes now include The Falmouth Arms, Tabb’s Restaurant, The Wig and Pen, The Victory Inn, Gravy Boesti, The Falmouth Bay Seafood Cafe and the 108 Coffee House is said to be the very best location in the whole of the area in which to grab that perfect cup of steaming hot coffee.

As there are so many restaurants in the Truro area, the ones listed above have had to score the very highest feedback results in order to make it in this article! This should help to ameliorate any doubts that might have been in the back of your mind when it comes to a restaurant being able to deliver 100%.

Meet at Local Venues

Many people find that as they both come from the same city, it can be a great idea to meet at one of the most famous attractions for the first date. This allows them to rediscover the history and culture of the their home town, and in Truro, the attractions which will prove the most ideal for this exact purpose are Truro Cathedral and The Royal Cornwall Museum. This type of suggestion places you amongst many other people – meaning security in case you’re worried on this point – plus so many things to see and take in, you will have plenty of inspiration for talking points.

Truro is also well known for its public green areas which might be just the right thing for a leisurely stroll around or even a picnic. Three such suggestions for you here include Boscawen Park, Daubuz Moors and The Victoria Gardens.

The awesome and historic Georgian city of Truro punches well above its weight when it comes to the sheer number of possible venues for your next date. From intimate restaurants, to popular tourist attractions, you really shouldn’t have a problem identifying the best place for you both.

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