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If you live in or near the second city of the principality of Wales you will already be well aware of the fact that Swansea offers its inhabitants a wide choice of venues and attractions and this article aims at pointing out some of the best options for where to date in Swansea.

Getting the place in which you meet your date right is almost as important as what you wear and how you conduct yourself on the date – especially with a first date. So, before you get started, you need to think about how the conversations have transpired between the two of you so far. Do you both seem to be veering towards a quiet and romantic meal for two, or are you more active types?

Swansea offers a massive choice of restaurants and eateries and you are likely to find a venue which will cater to cuisines from every corner of the world: from Thai to French and everything in between. Some examples of the current popular restaurants in Swansea include two on Wind Street: ASK – Swansea and Chiquito; and two others on Swansea Road: The Buck Inn and The Waterfront.

All of the above are guaranteed to offer great service and equally good food. This will leave the two of you to concentrate on getting to know each other, whilst the staff work effortlessly in the background getting things just right.

The city of Swansea really can boast the fact that it is located in one of the most beautiful parts of Wales – even the United Kingdom. You have the hilly landscapes north of the city which are perfect for people who enjoy rambling and nature walking; whilst along the coast, you have the world-famous Gower Peninsula which is reputed to be one of the most spectacular locations in South Wales.

If you are after somewhere particularly quiet and tranquil, a visit to the beaches along the Gower Peninsula will prove to be ideal for you – especially away from the main summer season.

Meet at Local Venues

One highly recommended idea for you and your date is to visit one of the city’s main attractions together. It really is quite surprising how many local people fail to visit and take in the full range of tourist attractions in their own home town and this can prove to be a perfect ice-breaker and conversational piece. If it is the history of this great city you are both interested in, why not visit either The National Waterfront Museum or Swansea Museum. If you are both feeling extremely patriotic toward your Welsh heritage, The National Showcase Centre for Wales has to be the way to go.

For a little bit of fun, on your date in Swansea, there is another attraction which really will tick all the right boxes for you. This is The Chocolate Factory (which is the largest of its kind in Wales) and offers guided tours to all of its ‘chocaholic’ visitors. Should you choose to meet your date here, you will find a very lighthearted atmosphere that will allow you both to get to know each other without any pressure.

From the abundant natural attractions to be found around Swansea, to convivial restaurants and even a chocolate factory, you should have no problem in finding that ideal venue for your next date with a potential love match.

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