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Sunderland is a town built on the mouth of the River Wear on England's north eastern coast.  The name 'Sunderland' dates back to the Anglo-Saxon fishing settlement and monastery that were built in the area. The 'sunder' in Sunderland has the same root derivation as the word 'asunder' i.e. apart from.  For couples looking for where to date in Sunderland, here are some suggestions.

Sunderland Glass Centre

Sunderland is best known throughout Great Britain for its glass making. That being said, the perfect chance for couples to get to know one another in the city would be to explore the history of the place where both of you live. The Sunderland Glass Centre is full of history and beautiful artefacts for anyone from the layman full of curiosity to the glass making enthusiast. The Sunderland Glass Centre will be an excellent first date.

The Beach

Sunderland is lucky enough to be situated along the coast. The city has a number of easily accessible, beautiful beaches to make for a memorable first date. There is nothing more romantic than a walk along the sea, wading into the surf from time to time. The beach has always provided a romantic escape for couples, even if the water is not warm (it's not known for its temperature), the beach will make any couple fall in love.

Meet at Local Venues

Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens

The Sunderland Museum is Great Britain's most visited museum outside of London. That alone says a lot about the quality of this museum. For those couples interested in natural history and the history of Sunderland, the Sunderland Museum beats out all of the other competition. In conjunction with the Sunderland Museum, the Winter Gardens is a breathtaking place. It is a compilation of tropical plants from all over the world. This is an attraction unlike anywhere else in the world. The Winter Gardens provide an astounding look at the natural life of the tropics without the travel. This should be on the itinerary for anyone's first date.

Herrington Country Park

The Herrington Country Park is one of Sunderland's local favourite places. Formerly an open coal mine, the land has been redeveloped and is now in use as a public park and animal conservation area. This is an absolutely beautiful park, and a stroll through it will turn any date into an extraordinary one. More than that, Herrington Country Park hosts a number of events, such as Party In The Park, that if a couple is lucky enough to make it to will make their memories even that more special. Herrington Country park is one of Sunderland's best destinations for a quiet date where a couple can get to know one another.

Sunderland, while a small city, is still full of the perfect spots for first dates for any couple.

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