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For any potential couple looking to arrange their first date, the choice of where to meet, eat and the planned activity can be a daunting prospect. Ideally, the date should set the scene for what will hopefully be a mutually satisfying union. It will give the couple the chance to chat and find out a bit more about each other; as well as being able to enjoy any shared interests or hobbies.

Those who live in south of the river will find that they are positively spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding where to date in South London.

Often colloquially referred to as being ‘south of the river’, the south London boroughs of Wandsworth, Merton, Bromley Sutton and Croydon have plenty to offer. Each borough boasts a number of distinctive and centrally placed landmarks, suitable for a designated meeting place for the all-important first date to commence. For example, the centre of Croydon has its Clocktower, Wandsworth has the imposing St Anne’s Church and Bromley has Bromley College.

After meeting and exchanging pleasantries, the dating couple will be looking to enjoy a meal in a good restaurant, where they may get to know each other in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, whilst enjoying a glass or three of wine. Each of these South London boroughs boasts a good choice of restaurants and eateries, to suit all tastes and budgets.

The best fine dining restaurants in South London include Al Ponte and Chez Bruce in Wandsworth; Le Cassoulet in Croydon; and Tamasha and Chapter One, both of which can be found in Bromley. Other top rated restaurants include Wimbledon Piccolino in Merton and El Desperado in


The choice of activity once the meal is finished is then a joint decision. They may wish to enjoy a stroll through Wimbledon Common or Queen’s Gardens in Croydon, or perhaps enjoy a spot of retail therapy in The Glades shopping centre in Bromley or Sutton High Street.

A Thames River Cruise may also be a relaxing and romantic way of viewing South London’s numerous riverside attractions and landmarks. There are a good number of companies to arrange this through; you might even like to think about enjoying a meal for two on a more extended river cruise. For the party animals amongst you, there are even booze cruises – but these may not always make for the best first date.

Those couples with more cultured tastes could visit one of south London’s numerous galleries or museums, allowing the opportunity to discover the local history in far more detail. For example, Croydon’s humble beginnings as a sleepy Surrey market town in the Middle Ages are reflected in its numerous historical churches.

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Wandsworth’s historic brewery connections are exhibited in the borough’s museum; whilst Sutton’s past royal connections can be seen in its impressive red-brick Tudor manor house, which was once a residence of none other than Henry VIII himself.

Other historic and cultural attractions to be found in South London include Bromley Museum, where exhibits of the borough’s archaeological history can be viewed in this impressive medieval building. The Museum of Croydon includes a stunning collection of ceramics which date back to 2500 B.C. in the Riesco Gallery. Wandsworth Museum is another must-see for any dating couple interested in discovering South London’s varied history.

As the date stretches out into the early evening, the couple may wish to partake in a game of ten-pin bowling, or perhaps enjoy the latest rom-com in one of South London’s numerous cinemas, such as the Bromley Empire multiplex. Another option would be to enjoy a play or performance at The Richmond Theatre in Merton, New Wimbledon Theatre or the Secombe Theatre in Sutton, which is named after Sir Harry Secombe. Of course, a short trip on the Northern line to London’s West End will provide you with a much greater choice of theatrical and cinematic venues.

South London also boasts a number of live venues, where acts to suit all spectrums of musical tastes perform. The largest of these is Fairfields Hall in Croydon, you might also like to bear in mind that you are a mere hop, skip and jump across the water from the O2 Arena: one of London’s and indeed even the country’s biggest musical venues.

So if you were just starting to panic over the best venue for your next date in South London, hopefully this article has provided you with more than enough inspiration to make that final choice. From cinemas and theatres, to historical and cultural attractions and thousands of restaurants, it is all available for you within the boroughs of South London. With so much choice at your disposal, this could prove to be a tad overwhelming. Whatever choice you eventually make, fingers crossed for everything going well and soon you will be planning that second date together.

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