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The city of Salford is perhaps best known as the influence for Weatherfield, the fictional setting for the top UK soap, Coronation Street. Salford offers so much, as a thriving and exciting urban settlement located in the north-west of England. This means that any couple living or working in the city will find that there is plenty of choice when it comes to deciding on their plans for a first date. Although often overshadowed by Manchester, its much larger neighbour, there is no need for the couple to cross the Irwell, the river that forms a boundary between the two bustling cities.

The first consideration for the date in Salford is to decide where to meet. This must be a prominent landmark in the city, close to most of its amenities and attractions. It also adds to the romantic vibe if the meeting place boasts impressive architecture or is located in an idyllic setting. This is where Salford comes into its own, with its interesting urban landscape dotted with historical buildings and landmarks.

The neo-classical style Salford Old Town Hall is a prominent city landmark, as is the city’s neo-Gothic Cathedral. Another good choice for a meeting point is beside one of the numerous bridges which span the Irwell, such as the Grade II listed Blackfriars Bridge or the unique Barton Swing Aqueduct. Slightly further outside of the City Centre is Ordsall Hall, an impressive Grade I listed Tudor mansion.

Once the couple have met and exchanged pleasantries, they may wish to head to a restaurant or bistro, to enjoy a romantic meal. There are plenty of eateries to choose from within the city, to suit all tastes and dietary requirements. Perhaps the best choices for more traditional dishes are Smiths Restaurant, Grenache and Applewood Farm. If the couple have a hankering for Italian food they may wish to book a table for two in Puccini’s or Prezzo; whilst those who have the palate for more spicy food may wish to head to Bilash Balti House or The Cottage Tandoori.

Meet at Local Venues

After enjoying a well-cooked meal and a glass or two of wine, the date can be continued by taking in the sites of Salford. The recently rejuvenated Salford Quays, with its select shops and trendy bars is a popular draw, whilst those simply wishing to enjoy an escape from the city’s hustle and bustle may wish to enjoy a stroll through Kersal Dale Country Park or Albert Park. Those couples with an interest in the arts and history may wish to visit Salford Museum and Art Gallery.

If the date continues well into the evening, the loved-up couple may wish to enjoy a boogie in one of the city’s lively nightclubs: either in Salford itself or in nearby Manchester. The more cultured could also enjoy a play or live performance in the Lowry Theatre.

With its stunning architecture, wonderfully diverse choice of restaurants and eateries and exciting urban atmosphere, the city of Salford provides the ideal setting for an enjoyable first date.

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