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Many people find that looking for a potential new love match can be a slightly stressful experience; especially if you have decided to try this face-to-face. The internet is definitely a marvellous invention when it comes to the world of online dating as you can maintain an air of anonymity and deal with things in your own time. But when all is said and done, if things have gone well online, you will still want to physically meet the new potential love match in person and this is where you really need to make sure you choose exactly the right venue, hence our suggestions for where to date in Preston.

This article aims to assist the people of Preston, in Lancashire, on this very score. Preston is actually one of the youngest cities in the whole of the UK and it is only fitting that it was upgraded to this status from being a town as the settlement has a population that far exceeds many of the older cities in the country. This means Preston has a plethora of possible places in which to meet on your next date and you are bound to find somewhere that is just right.

Of course, for many people, you simply cannot beat a traditional restaurant as the place to meet for a first date. But where should you go and which restaurants are proving to be the best in Preston right now? Below you will find a selection of the restaurants in the city which are scoring the highest feedback results for both food and service with their customers at the moment.

These include Tang Restaurant (Chinese and Cantonese), Angels Restaurant (British), The Blue Anchor Inn at Bretherton (British), Whittles Farm Restaurant (British), The Fusion Room (French and British), The Sparkling (British), Moka (Mediterranean), The Pear Tree (British) and Bangla Fusion (Indian).

Preston offers its citizens a number of excellent places which are devoted to theatre, concerts and musical entertainment, and if this sounds like a pleasant way of spending your very first evening together, you might like to choose between such venues as The Warehouse, The Loft, 53 Degrees and Preston Guild Hall and Charter Theatre. There is bound to be a venue that appeals to your taste amongst the list here.

Meet at Local Venues

If you would both like to rediscover the history of Preston together on your first date – which will give you a perfect distraction during the first hours of the date – you might like to think about attractions such as The Blue Badge Guides: which are guided tours of Preston, The Church Cottage Museum, Harris Museum and Art Gallery and The Museum of Lancashire. You could even enjoy a pleasant ‘oldie-worldie’ train ride together on The Ribble Steam Railway.

For complete peace and quiet, it is strongly recommended for your meeting place to be somewhere like Grange Park, Avenham Park or Samlesbury Hall. All of which will provide a beautiful backdrop setting and an ideal chance to really talk and get to know each other.

From a fun and memorable evening in one of the city’s main entertainment venues, to a cosy restaurant, or even one of Preston’s most popular attractions, you are simply bound to find the place that is absolutely perfect for your next date. Make sure you pose plenty of questions to your potential new love match to ascertain their precise interests in life.

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