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The world famous seafaring city of Portsmouth literally spoils its citizens with the number of potential meeting venues for their next date. Whether you like to make this a cosy and intimate restaurant, or one of the main tourist attractions in the city, it is all here for you. You’ve done the hard work in finding the person you want to date, so deciding where to date in Portsmouth should prove to be a piece of cake now; especially as we’ve tried to do all the work with the suggestions in this article for you.

So, to start, let’s focus our attention on the restaurants in Portsmouth that have everybody in awe at the moment. If your main penchant is for local, British cuisine, Portsmouth offers dozens of possibilities, with the very best including Barnaby’s, The Boat Deck and Smile. For French fare, how about Restaurant 27, with other European favourites including Montparnasse, Restaurant 69, Abaristo, Nicholsons and Soprano’s. The Good Fortune and The Hong Kong Tea Bar are great for Asian cuisine.

During your next date in Portsmouth, how about thinking about visiting one of the main attractions in the city, just for a change? There are a good number of possibilities to choose between and these include The Charles Dickens’ Birthplace Museum which celebrates the 200th anniversary of this famous writer’s birth in 2012, The Royal Marines Museum, Portsmouth City Museum, The D-Day Museum and The Natural History Museum. Bearing in mind Portsmouth has the second largest dockyard in Western Europe (after Plymouth), you might also like to check-out the historic dockyard.

Portsmouth is a very up-to-date and cosmopolitan city and there are some great rejuvenated areas for you to visit on your next date. The Pyramids Centre, The Port Solent Marina and Gunwharf Quays are all examples of such interesting areas.

Other historic and architecturally-important attractions in Portsmouth include Southsea Castle and the cathedrals of St. Thomas and St. Johns which are devoted to different religions (Anglican and Roman Catholic).

Meet at Local Venues

The Blue Reef Aquarium is a much more modern and innovative attraction that will be perfect for a day out with your potential new love match. If you are lucky enough to meet-up with your date on a rare sunny day, head for The Spinnaker Tower where you can enjoy views of up to 23 miles on the very clearest days.

For all you theatrical ‘luvies’ out there, Portsmouth boasts some great performances and shows and these can be enjoyed at the main New Theatre Royal or The Kings Theatre. Check the schedule before your date to find out which production you can both enjoy together.

One last but very different suggestion for your next date in Portsmouth would be for you to travel with either Brittany Ferries or P&O on a ferry across to France to the day. People tend to forget just how busy a continental ferry-port there is in Portsmouth and a 24 hour shopper across the channel is definitely fun and romantic.

From fabulous restaurants which cater to most worldwide cuisines, to historic attractions and even a day trip to France: never let me hear you moaning about the potential venues to meet your next date at. You have far more in Portsmouth than most other cities across the country.

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