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If you have ploughed your way through more profiles than you would care to mention and finally got around to planning a date with someone, first of all, you are to be congratulated! Secondly, if you both hail from the city of Plymouth, in Devon, you are very likely to be wondering where exactly to go on this first date of yours. So, where to date in Plymouth?

You are probably already well aware of the fact that you live in one of the most preferred cities in the whole of the UK – of course you are; you don’t need this article to remind you of the fact! But actually this does still have a huge bearing on the types of venues you are able to choose for that first nerve-wracking date. In short, there are plenty!

Perhaps you might fancy that ever-popular destination for a first romantic date: Plymouth Hoe. This is the name given to the seafront area of the city that is immediately south of the City Centre. There are plenty of places to walk above the sea here and this is the ideal place to head to if you are keen on talking and getting to know your date better. There are plenty of seating areas dotted along the coastal path here and there is nothing more relaxing than looking out to Drake’s Island while getting to know somebody.

Very close to The Hoe, you might also like to think about Plymouth Barbican. This is ideal if you want to start your date off with a romantic meal, and popular restaurants within the vicinity to consider include The Barbican Pasta and Pizza Bar (always a true favourite in the city!), Platters Restaurant or if you are out to really impress your new date, how about the world-famous Tanners Restaurant: which is easily the most prestigious and exclusive in the whole of Plymouth.

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After your meal, you can stroll through the historic streets of the Barbican and perhaps pop into a pub or two if you have worked up a bit of a thirst. The pubs on the Barbican are a little ‘spit and sawdusty’ for some, but always where you will find a great ambiance.

For those people who like to enjoy a little more in the way of sightseeing on their first date – after all, this is always a great distraction – you might like to think about visiting Smeaton’s Tower (the famous lighthouse on The Hoe which is probably the most famous landmark for the whole of Plymouth); Plymouth Dome (where you can find out exactly why Plymouth is considered to be one of the most historic cities in the UK after London); or The National Marine Aquarium (which is a great way of learning about the natural flora and fauna to be found in the seas around the Devonian coast).

You can even think about travelling just north of the city and out onto Dartmoor. This is yet another great dating possibility for people from the city of Plymouth and is further proof of the vast choices that are open to the lucky inhabitants of this part of the Southwest of England.

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