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So, you’ve lost count of the number of personal profiles you’ve waded through to reach this point, but it is now time to take a deep breath and find the ideal spot for that first meeting, but where to date in Perth? You can take pride in the fact that you live in one of the most historically important cities in the whole of Scotland; with this in mind, you can rest assured that there are a plethora of suggestions for you to consider for the forthcoming date.

If you feel that a relaxed and convivial setting is the best option for the date, you will probably be thinking along the lines of meeting in one of the many restaurants to be found in Perth. Obviously, you want everything to go perfectly for this: you want to invest all of your time into getting to know your new potential love match and do not want to be troubled by either poor service or food. We have therefore checked to find out the most highly-reputable establishments in the city for you.

These include The Roost Restaurant, Small Talk, Chatni Fine Indian Dining, Reid’s, Kerachers Restaurant, 63 Tay Street, Mae-Ping Thai Dining and The North Port Restaurant. As you can tell from the list above, there is a good choice of cuisines to choose between, so you might just like to find out what your date’s favourite food types are before going ahead and reserving a table.

Perth also offers a good number of bars and nightclubs across the city and if you are looking for somewhere quiet to talk in such a setting, you are definitely best to arrange a date for a weeknight, as weekends will be considerably busier.

If you would prefer to meet your date at one of the main tourist attractions in Perth, there are plenty to choose between. All of which will provide you with an automatic conversational point, which in turn, would help to eliminate any awkward silences at the start. The Scone Palace is definitely one of the most popular. After all, this is where the Scottish Kings of old were crowned and this is also the home of the famous Stone of Destiny.

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Other equally impressive historic attractions in the city include Huntingtower Castle (parts of which date from as far back as the 15th century), Elcho Tower (from the 16th century) and you might even be lucky enough to include a musical event when visiting St. John’s Kirk.

There are some excellent museums and art galleries to be found in Perth – with exhibits from local, national and even international sources. These include The Black Watch Castle and Museum, Perth Museum and Art Gallery and one of the city’s most famous ‘colourist’ painters is celebrated at The Fergusson Gallery (dedicated to John Duncan Fergusson).

The city of Perth literally exudes history around every corner and this makes finding an attraction to meet at particularly easy. However, if a more conventional bar or restaurant is more your thing, you will be spoilt for choice in this delightful part of Scotland.

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