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Those who live in and around Norwich, the county town and largest centre of population in Norfolk, have plenty of dating venues from which to choose. As well as having a wonderfully diverse choice of eateries, the city also boasts numerous historical buildings and landmarks which may serve as an impressive backdrop for what will hopefully be a memorable, romantic date. Here then are our suggestions for where to date in Norwich.

The 11th century Norwich Cathedral, with its tall spire and impressive extensive cloisters, dominates the city’s skyline and is its best known landmark. Standing at over 300 feet tall, the spire is the second tallest in the UK and can be seen throughout most of the city’s mainly flat city landscape. Other historically and architecturally fascinating buildings to be found in the city include Norwich Castle, St. James Mill and the 15th century Dragon Hall.

Of course, it is important to be able to relax and talk on the first date. More often than not, this should also be accompanied by a good meal and a drink or three. Therefore the choice of venue for this romantic interlude is of vital importance. This is where Norwich comes up trumps, with literally hundreds of restaurants offering impressive menus inspired by dishes from throughout the world. Perhaps the best choices include Brasteds, Don Pepe, Roger Hickman’s, St Benedicts, Tatlers, The Olive Tree and the appropriately named: By Appointment.

The city of Norwich boasts some of the country’s best selections of shops, department stores and independent stores, all jostling for space within its mainly cobbled city centre streets. In fact, Norwich has recently been awarded the accolade as being the country’s 8th best shopping centre – an impressive feat, considering the city is only the 137th largest centre of population in the country!

Meet at Local Venues

As a more cultural alternative to retail therapy, the date can be rounded-off by enjoying a play or artistic presentation staged at the city’s Theatre Royal, Playhouse or Forum, or by an informative stroll through one of Norwich’s numerous museums and art galleries. Watching a ‘rom-com’ in one the city’s two cinemas would be a more relaxed alternative.

For those looking for more peace and tranquility, they may wish to enjoy a stroll around one of the city’s 23 parks. If the couple are prepared to travel slightly further afield outside of the city in a northerly direction they will be greeted by the often uncrowded coves and beaches of Norfolk’s North Sea coastline. If they head to the east they will reach the famous open spaces of the Norfolk Broads.

From enjoying a well prepared meal with a good bottle of wine, before admiring the city’s stunning architecture and to enjoying the peace and tranquility of the wide open spaces which surround it, those living in Norwich will find that the city is the perfect location for a memorable first date.

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