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We all know how frightening a first date can be; especially if you haven’t been on one for quite some time or if you are particularly keen to make a big impression on the latest potential love match. This is the case for people all over the world, but just for once, the purpose of this article is to capture the attention of the people of the beautiful and historic city of Newport, in the south-east of Wales. If you are struggling for ideas in which to meet and spend time with your date, hopefully this article will highlight a few popular suggestions for where to date in Newport.

As you live in or within close proximity to the city of Newport you will probably already appreciate the fact that this corner of Wales has an extremely long and important history behind it. But did you know that this is one of the most fiercely fought over parts of the United Kingdom?

In fact, Newport’s history is known to stretch as far back as over 2,000 years and the very best example of this can be seen at Caerleon and The Fortress of The Legion – which dates from the Roman era. If you and your date are both into discovering the history of the area in which you live, this major Welsh tourist attraction will prove to be perfect for you both. Historically, Tredegar House will also prove to be an excellent idea for you.

Both of the above tourist attractions even offer festivals for you and your date to enjoy and these are The Caerleon Arts Festival and Tredegar House Folk Festival. You might also like to think about spending your date at Newport Castle or Newport Museum and Art Gallery.

Meet at Local Venues

For nature lovers and those who might prefer to meet and chat in a truly tranquil location, it is strongly recommended that you consider The Wetlands Reserve. This area is definitely one of the most beautiful in South Wales and there are even chances to spot different species of wetland birds – including many rare varieties.

If all of the suggestions above have failed to impress, it is likely you are looking to enjoy your date in a more traditional venue. With this in mind, a local restaurant will probably be right up your street; and given the fact that there are around 100 restaurants in the area, this is highly likely. Some of the current venues which are being raved over by their customers include Bali Thai, The Snug at Cafe Ffwrwm, The Goldcroft, The Lounge Coffee and Deli, The Rupera Arms and The Bell at Caerleon; amongst many others.

If you are in Newport, in south-eastern Wales, and desperately trying to find some inspiration for your latest date, hopefully this article has provided you with plenty of ideas? You might want to celebrate the fact that you live in one of the most important historical regions of the UK and visit one of the many attractions devoted to this fact. You may also like to think about the beautiful Wetlands Reserve or even a cosy and comfortable local restaurant: whatever your preference, in Newport you are bound to find something that will be just right!

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