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Liverpool is a vibrant, robust city of nearly half a million people. It's also one of the most romantic cities in the United Kingdom. There are pubs, night clubs and festivals galore, as well as a rich history. It's not a hard city to fall in love with this city and for couples looking for where to date, here's our list of 'where to date in Liverpool' ideas.

Liverpool's rich culture has a lot to offer to the dating world. There are lots of great, free art exhibitions and galleries all over the city. Tate Liverpool, Port Sunlight and the Liverpool Walker Art Gallery are all must-see art galleries, and great places to go on a date.

Liverpool boasts some memorable, romantic, bars that would be great places go out on a date. One bar to try is the Baa Bar, located at 14, Hardman Street. They've got free live entertainment and a really fun atmosphere, as well as £1 shooters! You can't go wrong there. The Vampire Suite, found at 15, Victoria Street, is an exclusive, members-only club with a tasteful, decadent furnishings. This club stands out for its focus on privacy, rare music and sexy cocktails. Impress any date with a night at the Vampire Suite. Chaya Bar, located at 78-82 Wood Street, is a chic bar and restaurant serving delicious Mediterranean cuisine. It's one of the most romantic places in Liverpool and should not be missed.

There are lots of fun things to do in Liverpool with a date. If you and your date are sporty try the Awesome Walls Climbing Centre. While not your typical romantic outing, those who love to climb will love this centre. Heebiejeebies is a venue located in an old warehouse cellar offering live shows and amazing DJs. It's a great place for a night out! You and your date will keep a long tradition by getting lost in one of the beautiful mazes of Liverpool. English mazes are hundreds years old and have always been popular meeting places in which secret lovers lose themselves.

Meet at Local Venues

For a luxury getaway weekend in Liverpool, check out the suites at Hotel Anfield, Albany Apartment Liverpool Posh Pads, Radisson Blu Liverpool Hotel or L3 Living. These apartments are beautifully furnished, offer wonderful views and are perfect for extravagant, romantic weekends. The Hard Days Night Hotel is a boutique hotel with a Beatles theme in the city centre.

Beatles fans in Liverpool will have their hands full with all there is to do there. The Cashbah Coffee Club is the first club where those famous Beatles played and earned their fame. Stop there for a tour of this club and studio, which looks the same as it did those years ago. Take a visit to the home where John Lennon grew up or to The Beatles Story, a unique museum journeying into the life and times of the Beatles.

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