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If you feel totally tired out from having to scan through countless personal profiles in order to find a new date, don’t worry, the hard work is very nearly over. The only thing that remains for you to do now is to identify the place that will prove to be the perfect meeting venue for you and your potential new love match. This particular article is aimed at the citizens of the Northern Irish city of Lisburn, and by the time you have browsed your way through the suggestions here, you should have worked out the best place for where to date in Lisburn.

Despite the fact the settlement of Lisburn is known to have roots which stretch way back to the 17th century, it is actually the youngest city in the whole of Northern Ireland and was officially appointed as so by H.M. Queen Elizabeth II during her Jubilee celebrations. The modern-day city of Lisburn manages to combine a good combination of both old and new architecture in sympathy with each other and offers its citizens a massive choice of possible venues in which to meet on your first date.

For a start, staying on the theme of historic architecture, you might both like to visit some of Lisburn’s famous tourist attractions. These include the Heritage sites of Giant’s Ring, The Lisburn Historical Quarter, Crew Hill and The Downshire Monument. You might also wish to consider The Irish Linen Museum, Ballance House and The Brookhall Historical Farm.

If you would say that you are both active types, one great suggestion for you to meet at can be found at Spruce Meadows Activity Farm. Here you can both get to know each other whilst having lots of fun either quad biking or enjoying a round of pitch and putt golf. This type of atmosphere will keep things very light and enjoyable between the two of you and this can really help to take any pressure off in the first hours in each other’s company.

Meet at Local Venues

For people who prefer a dating venue that is completely relaxed, there are many possibilities in and around the city of Lisburn. Some of the best examples include Castle Gardens, Wallace Park, Logan Valley Regional Park, Colin Glen Forest Park and Hillsborough Forest and Castle. This is where you should head if you want to get to know your potential new love match without any interruptions.

Then, of course, there will always be a vast majority of people who favour meeting a new date in the traditional setting of a cosy restaurant. As with anywhere else in the UK, Lisburn certainly doesn’t let its citizens down and there are dozens of eateries in and around the city to choose between. Some of the most highly-rated recommendations include The Square Bistro, Del Toro, The Parson’s Nose, Spice (Indian restaurant), Cardan Bar and Grill, Periwig and Angelo’s Cafe Marano.

Lisburn may be the youngest city in Northern Ireland, but lest you forget that it has a long history that stretches way back to the 17th century. This means there are some great historical attractions to enjoy together on a first date; or if you prefer quiet and tranquil parks or cosy restaurants, you are spoilt for choice in this regard, too.

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