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If you are lucky enough to live in the city of Lincoln you will hardly need telling that you are quite literally surrounded by the best choice of attractions and eateries in the whole of the county of Lincolnshire. After all, this is the county town and by far the largest centre of population. Here then are our tips on where to date in Lincoln.

Lincoln can proudly boast being one of the most important historical cities in the whole of the United Kingdom. Its history stretches back many, many centuries and Lincoln Cathedral is definitely the best example of architectural splendour to be found in this corner of the country. In fact, it is said that this awesome building held the title of being the tallest structure in the whole world for no less than 249 years: between 1300 and 1549.

Today, when looking for an inspirational place to visit with a date, Lincoln Cathedral simply cannot be beaten! Also, lest you forget the fact that the world-famous movie ‘The Da Vinci Code’ was filmed in this very cathedral in 2005, when Westminster Abbey refused to give their permission to the film-makers.

Other historical attractions which may prove to be ideal for a date in the city of Lincoln include Lincoln Castle, The Medieval Bishop’s Palace and you might also like to browse around some of the 2 million artefacts (yes... that was 2 million!) at The Collection of Lincoln. The Museum of Lincolnshire Life is another popular tourist attraction within the city. For people who like an extra distraction on a date and a chance to find some great conversational topics, all of the above suggestions will prove to be perfect for you.

If you and your date are the type of people who prefer something altogether more quiet and tranquil, why not visit one of the idyllic nature reserves which can be found in the city: these are The Hartsholme Country Park and Whisby Nature Reserve. This is a real chance to talk with your date and get to know them in an immensely relaxing area. You might also like to enjoy a leisurely stroll through the parks, or if you time your date to coincide with lunch, why not bring a picnic along for an extra relaxing occasion.

Meet at Local Venues

Remaining on the same theme of dating venues where you have a better chance to talk, you may wish to think about meeting-up in one of the city’s most popular restaurants. The venues which are ranking the most highly with patrons in Lincoln are The Jews House Restaurant, The Wheel House, The Cheese Society, The Bowl Full Tapas Bar, Reform Restaurant and Tiamo Pizza.

As you can see, there is a great choice of different cuisines in the list above and you can rest assured that previous customers have had plenty of good things to say about these venues. Leaving you and your date entirely free to relax and get on with the business of getting to know each other properly.

The city of Lincoln may not be the largest in the UK, but it most certainly holds its own when it comes to its history and the sheer number of venues to choose between for a date. Hopefully, you will have found a suggestion above which best falls in-line with what you and your date look for specifically.

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