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Getting the meeting place for your date just right is of crucial importance. After all, it is likely that you have spent quite some considerable time navigating your way around the dating site and choosing the person you now wish to go on a date with. This is where this helpful guide to the best places to date in Lichfield should prove its weight in gold. We’ve done our very best to identify all of the most popular meeting places and venues in this small Staffordshire city, so that you can simply look forward to relaxing and getting to know your date more easily. So here's our list of suggestions for where to date in Lichfield.

While the city of Lichfield may be small (only around 30,000 inhabitants) it is definitely one of the most important historical centres in the Midlands of England: in fact, many, many centuries ago, it was the most important city in the whole of the Kingdom of Mercia. Even to this very day, history exudes from pretty much every corner of this settlement and there is delightful Georgian architecture to be found across Lichfield; with over 230 officially listed buildings.

The most popular area of Lichfield has to be found around Cathedral Close and the three-spire Lichfield Cathedral tends to dominate the skyline for many miles around. It is around this part of the city where you will tend to find the most relaxing and opulent of potential venues for your date. Some of the main tourist attractions which you might like to keep in mind include The Erasmus Darwin House and The Samuel Johnson Birthplace Museum which has been respectfully dedicated to one of the city’s most famous sons.

People tend to lose touch with the history of the area in which they live and if you discover that your date is into the same types of things, you may well wish to rediscover Lichfield together. This can be done by visiting The Lichfield Heritage Centre; The Bishops’ Palace is another equally interesting attraction that deserves your consideration.

Meet at Local Venues

All of the suggestions above will always provide you both with plenty of conversational topics to ensure that there are no dry spells when you first meet. However, if you feel that you would prefer a quieter and more tranquil environment, Beacon Park is known to be one of the most popular green areas in the city. Both of you will be able to chat to your hearts’ content here and you might even like to think about bringing a picnic along if your date falls on a warm and sunny day.

If you feel that a more traditional restaurant will be closer to the mark for your date and if you haven’t eaten out for a while, it can be a worry trying to find a place that you know will be able to truly deliver. With this in mind, we have discovered the restaurants which all seem to be ticking the right boxes with their customers at the moment and these include The Indian Village, 1709 Brasserie, The Spark Cafe Bar, Damn Fine Cafe, The Malt Shovel Inn and The Ruby Cantonese Restaurant.

The compact and bijoux city of Lichfield exudes history throughout and this means you should never be at a loss to identify the perfect meeting place for your next date. Cathedral Close, Beacon Park or a cosy and relaxing restaurant are just a few suggestions in this beautiful South Staffordshire city.

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