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As one of the East Midlands’ largest cities Leicester has a lot to offer. With its stunning architecture and numerous tourist attractions and amenities, the city can provide the ideal setting for any first date. Located on the banks of the scenic River Soar and close to the National Forest, Leicester is also ideally located for couples looking to escape the hustle and bustle of its urban landscape. The city has amongst the most ethnically mixed populations in the country, meaning that visitors and locals alike are exposed to a wonderfully vibrant, cosmopolitan atmosphere.

As Leicester is such a large city, it is important for the dating couple to decide on the itinerary for that all-important first date. They need to decide on which part of the city to spend their date, which means where to meet, eat and the activities in which they wish to partake.

The first decision would of course be where to meet. Leicester has a number of distinctive landmarks, familiar with most locals. Good choices of meeting places include the Tudor Leicester Guildhall, The Roman ruins of Jewry Wall or the Curve Theatre, all located within a close proximity to the City Centre. Generally speaking, the main intention for that all-important first date is to chat and get to know each other in relaxed and comfortable surroundings. Therefore a good plan is to book a table for two in an excellent restaurant. Due to the size and mixture of cultures, Leicester has a wonderfully diverse choice of eateries, specialising in menus from throughout the world.

Due to Leicester’s large Asian population, it will come as no surprise to discover that there is an especially large selection of Indian restaurants to be found in and around the city. In fact, the city’s top rated restaurant is Shivallis, which specialises in fine Indian cuisine. Other recommended Indian restaurants include The Sands of Glenfield, Kayal and Anjuna. The Everest Dine, Nepalese restaurant, is another excellent Asian establishment.

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The dating couple who would prefer a more traditional English or European menu could book a table for two at The Gate Bistro, Brascote Restaurant, Ashfields or the French-inspired Le Bistrot Pierre.

After enjoying a good meal, the romantic couple may wish to visit a few of Leicester’s most popular attractions. Towards the top of the list must be the National Space Centre, Leicester Castle and Leicester Abbey Ruins in Abbey Park. Alternatively, taking in a show at The Curve or Little Theatre could be an enjoyable experience, or perhaps a live concert at De Montfort Hall.

Another option would be to visit one of the city’s numerous museums and galleries, or to enjoy a stroll through the City Centre and a spot of retail therapy in the city’s two impressive shopping malls – Highcross Leicester and the Haymarket Shopping Centre.

A memorable day sent in Leicester, consisting of a well-prepared meal, followed by a live concert or theatrical production and discovering the city’s interesting architectural and cultural heritage: this date could provide the perfect introduction to a mutually enjoyable union.

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