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If you are looking to enjoy a date in the city of Leeds, for a start you may consider yourself to be a very lucky person as this Yorkshire conurbation really does offer some of the best attractions and facilities in the whole of the north of England. This means there will never be any shortage of ideas for where to meet and get to know your date. Here then are some great ideas for where to date in Leeds.

Leeds has a long and impressive history, but it has still managed to evolve into an exceptionally vibrant and cosmopolitan city of today. Leeds is always ready and willing to pay homage to its past – including some important roots which were planted firmly in The Industrial Revolution. It manages to grasp the old and new in an unusually sympathetic and contemporary way: as can easily be witnessed through the myriad examples of architectural styles which sit side-by-side and span a number of different eras and centuries.

If you would consider yourself to be more of a traditionalist, meeting your date in a cafe or city restaurant will definitely be an excellent idea for you. There are a whole host of venues for you to consider and not just across the City Centre.

However, if you are looking to gauge which particular venues seem to be trending as the most popular right now, let’s provide you with some ideas.

Leeds Pubs

If you are meeting your date during the day, The Tiled Hall Cafe offers a convivial ambiance in which you can dedicate all of your attention to the date in front of you. This cafe is very central and literally right next to The Leeds Art Gallery. Whitelocks is actually the oldest pub in the whole of Leeds (dating as far back as 1715) and this establishment will always provide an impressive setting.

Other ideas for venues include The Midnight Bell pub (which is connected with Leeds Brewery) and Shaky Jakes Diner which is quite literally like stepping back in time to the ‘good old’ 1950’s.

Meet at Local Venues

If you and your date seem to prefer actually getting out and doing something together, there are some interesting museums which will help to provide several topics of conversation, if either of you are feeling a wee bit shy at the start. The best museums in Leeds include The Royal Armouries Museum, Leeds City Museum and if you both have a real penchant for art and art history, Leeds City Museum will be ideal. Another interesting attraction in Leeds which allows you and your date to experience life in a rainforest without stepping out of Yorkshire is Tropical World.

With there being so many spas in and around the city of Leeds, this is actually and rather unusually going to be the last suggestion for somewhere to go on a date in the city. For a start, Harvey Nichols boasts a world-famous Elemis SpaPod and this will allow you and your date to experience a wide range of different pampering treatments. Other spa venues in the city to bear in mind include Wood Hall Hotel and Spa, Millies and The De Vere Outon Hall Hotel. With such indulgent pampering going on, you could not help but feel any more relaxed whilst getting to know your date.

From great bars and restaurants, to a Tropical Rainforest attraction and spas, the fact that you live in one of the most trendy and cosmopolitan cities in the whole of England will definitely make it much easier to think about where to go on your date; or with so much choice – will it?

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