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The choice of venue for a memorable first date is very important. However, this should not be a daunting decision, especially if you are lucky enough to live in and around the scenic city of Lancaster. The county town of Lancashire, this traditional north-western settlement has long been a popular tourist draw due to its many impressive ancient buildings and landmarks as well as its long historical ties with the English Royal Family. All this helps to form an especially romantic backdrop for the courting couple’s first rendezvous. With that in mind here is our round-up of where to date in Lancaster.

Firsts things first – where to meet for the start of what will hopefully be a memorable date? The obvious choice may be outside Lancaster Castle, the city’s most dominant landmark. Founded in the 11th century on the site of a Roman fort, on a small hill overlooking the River Lune, the castle is visible pretty much throughout the city. Another good choice for a meeting place could be at the city Cathedral, or perhaps beside the Lune Millennium Bridge.

After the initial meeting, it is traditionally a good plan to head to one of the city’s best rated restaurants or eateries, to enjoy a romantic meal for two, whilst sipping a glass or two of wine to steady any nerves! There are plenty to choose from in this relatively compact city. Of particular note for more traditional menus are Maxwell’s, The Meeting House, The Gatehouse and the Blue Moon Restaurant; whilst those who would prefer a more exotic experience cannot go wrong if they book a table for two at the Brazilian themed Teatro or enjoy an Indian dish in Kashish or The Sultan of Lancaster.

After enjoying a good meal, it may be an idea to take a stroll around the city, whilst at the same time observing some of its most impressive sites. Those with more cultured tastes may wish to visit Lancaster City Museum, The Quayside Maritime Museum or The Cottage Museum, or perhaps enjoy a play or live performance in the Lancaster Grand Theatre.

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Alternatively, when weather permits, a walk along the seafront in nearby Morecambe would be a good way to walk off a heavy meal. On a similar note, the lights and sights of Blackpool, one of England’s foremost seaside resorts, are also just a short drive away from Lancaster. Here, the loved-up couple may not be surprised to find a lively and fun nightlife, with live shows, cabaret acts and bustling nightclubs, perfect for a light-hearted end to an enjoyable date.

Back in Lancaster, if the date happens to take place in early November, the couple may be treated to one of the country’s most impressive firework displays, which may hopefully act as a positive sign for the couple’s future.

So, whatever the choice of venue and itinerary for the courting couple’s first date in Lancaster, they will find that this small north-western city boasts plenty of things to see and do to make it memorable. The future, however, is down to them!

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