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The modern day Exeter is now a thriving and massively expanding south western city. It is the administrative capital of the county of Devon, and in many ways far more cosmopolitan than its larger neighbour of Plymouth, which is at the opposite end of the county. With a huge student population and an altogether young vibe connected with the city you will never be at a loss to find that ideal venue for your next date. Consequently there's plenty of choice if you're thinking of where to date in Exeter.

Exeter's history can be traced back at least 2,000 years – making it easily one of the oldest settlements in the United Kingdom. One area where you are best able to explore the long history of this city is around the cathedral. Parts of Exeter Cathedral are known to date back around 850 years and even if you would say that you are not particularly into old architecture and cathedrals, per se, you will still end up feeling extremely impressed by the Gothic-style architecture that has gone in to this magnificent building.

This specific district of Exeter City Centre is definitely the most ideal vicinity in which to take and meet a date. Even if you are both well and truly acquainted with the Cathedral already, there are still a good number of stylish cafes and bars in the area in which to chat and get to know your potential love match.

Over the years, Exeter’s reputation for fine dining has been increasing exponentially: it is now definitely one of the best places for top-class restaurants in the whole of the Southwest.

Some of the most highly recommended restaurants within the city today include The Conservatory Restaurant, Herbies (vegetarian), On The Waterfront, The Old Inn, The Manor Inn (Lower Ashton), and The Galley in Topsham. All of the above have been highly rated so you and your date can look forward to fantastic service and cuisine.

Exeter Dating Venues

If you would prefer not to be sat down in a quiet atmosphere on the date, especially if it is your first one, there are plenty of other attractions in the city which will prove to be perfect.

For a start, how about the unique attraction that is Exeter’s Underground Passages. These tunnels were built under the city way back in the 14th Century to bring fresh drinking water to Exonians, but today this is a guided attraction which is the only one of its kind in the whole of the country.

Another historical attraction in Exeter is the Tudor, St. Nicholas’ Priory; plus there is a museum which will help you to better understand the long history of your city: The Royal Albert Memorial Museum and Art Gallery. Exeter Castle is another attraction that comes very highly recommended.

From an awe-inspiring cathedral, to some of the most highly-rated restaurants in the whole of the Southwest of England, rest assured there are numerous possible venues in the city of Exeter for your next date. The hardest bit here will be choosing between them all.

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