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Whether you're a native of or a visitor to the capital city of Scotland you can be sure to have a wonderful, romantic time here. This enchanting city of nearly half a million is bristling with a seamless, alluring mixture of medieval and modern times in the unique Scottish atmosphere.  Couples looking for where to date in Edinburgh might do worse than review these date ideas.

Edinburgh Castle should definitely be on your list. You couldn't go all the way to Scotland's capital city without visiting it. This centuries-old, majestic castle sits perched on top of a long extinct volcano and is one of the top tourist attractions in Edinburgh. Wander the halls with your date and experience a taste of Scottish history.

In the shadows of the Edinburgh Castle sits the Wash Bar, the trendy '60s and '70s themed pub where you can stop in for some great food and refreshing drinks. They've got great live music and a really friendly atmosphere.

If you're dating someone who is the artistic type you could both have a lot of fun painting pottery together. Hop over to Doodles Ceramic Workshop on 29 Marchmont Crescent and unleash your creativity. They will allow you to choose a piece of pottery and create your own work of art on it. You can use this as an opportunity to show your artistic side to your date.

The Royal Botanic Garden boasts 70 acres of beautifully manicured lawns and flowers. A outing here would be ideal for a bright, sunny afternoon. A stroll through this immaculate garden would inspire all kinds of conversation.

The Guildford Arms in Register Street is a big, old fashioned pub with real class. Bring your date here to have a drink and check out the ornate Victorian ceiling and mahogany panelling, not to mention the dozens of malt whiskies and ales you can try. One of the best pubs in all of Edinburgh and worth a repeat visit.

Meet at Local Venues

For a true unique experience, Camera Obscura and World of Illusions is an essential place to visit. Camera Obscura will give you and your date amazing views of Edinburgh and the World of Illusions will give you lots of hands-on fun and a chance to go back to the good of days when you were a child.

The Filmhouse cinema, located at 88 Lothian Road, is an intimate theatre where Scotland's most cutting edge and innovative independent films are shown. There are three screens at the Filmhouse, which has been the home of the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

If you and your date are lucky enough to be in the city for the annual Edinburgh International Festival then you'll have a ton events to check out. This world famous festival held each summer over several weeks in August includes the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest arts festival in the world and the starting place for many of the world's most successful performers.

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