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Where to date in East London? Those fortunate to live in the boroughs of Newham, Redbridge, Lewisham, Greenwich, Havering or Bexley will find that this need not be a difficult decision. This vast urban metropolitan area offers a great deal of choice when it comes to where to meet, dine and what to do on this all important day in a couple's life.

Each of these East London boroughs boasts the equivalent population of a sizeable city and have their own distinct identity and history. This is reflected in their history, architecture and culture.


Let's start with Greenwich, the closest borough to the centre of London. Famed for giving its name to Greenwich Mean Time and its location at exactly 0 degrees longitude, the borough has a long and interesting maritime history. This means that any date spent in Greenwich will inevitably contain some elements of its links with the mighty Thames. It may include a romantic pleasure boat cruise along the river, or perhaps a romantic stroll along its banks. Another option could be to visit one of the borough's numerous maritime museums and landmarks.

Similarly, there is no shortage of good restaurants to be found in Greenwich, many boasting freshly-caught sea life on their extensive menus. Some of Greenwich's best restaurants include the Goddards at Greenwich for its pie and mash, Rivington Grill, Belushi's, and the North Pole Bar and Restaurant.


The neighbouring borough of Newham has a more earthy appeal. Formed by the merging of the Essex county borough of East Ham with West Ham in 1965, Newham is renowned for its mainly harmonious mix of its inhabitant's cultures and ethnic backgrounds. This is reflected by the choice of activities available here for the dating couple. There are plenty of bars and restaurants, as well as more cultural attractions such as The Three Mills, Brick Lane Music Hall and Theatre Royal Stratford East.

Newham also boasts some of the city's best choices of retail outlets, including the recently-opened Westfield Shopping Centre. There is also a good choice of restaurants to be found in the borough many with menus reflecting the area's ethnic mix. A random selection might include The Belle Isle and the Upper Deck Brasserie located within the Novotel in the docklands area.


The East London borough of Lewisham has a similar ‘urban' vibe to Newham, with its wide High Street, lined with some of the borough's best shops, restaurants and landmarks. This would inevitably be a good choice of meeting place for any potential love match looking to enjoy their date in the borough. St Mary's Church in Ladywell is a local landmark that contains clues to the origins of this Anglo-Saxon 'ham' i.e. village.

East London Dating Venues

Some of the best restaurants to be found in Lewisham include Babur and Spice of Life, both boasting fine Indian menu; and Zerodegrees and Chapters, who offer more traditional British and Mediterranean dishes. Further east, the comparatively less built-up and generally more prosperous boroughs of Havering, Bexley and Redbridge can be found.

Havering is a real borough of contrasts, with its parks and open spaces jostling for space with the lively and exciting bars and clubs of Romford. For example, Kosho is an ideal for those looking to round-off their date by showing off their rhythmic skills!


Bexley is located to the south of Watling Road, the Roman thoroughfare which cut through London and the southeast. The borough is split into two distinct districts with the majority of its historical landmarks to be found in Old Bexley. These include St Mary's Church, with its distinctive shaped spire and the former stately home of Hall Place, with its pleasant landscaped grounds. In contrast, modern Bexley boasts many of the borough's best restaurants, shops and a cinema.


Somewhat unsurprisingly, the borough of Redbridge derives its name from the red brick bridge which spanned the River Roding up until 1921. Similarly to Havering, the borough contains a mix of parks and open spaces as well as more commercial attractions mainly centred on Ilford.

Havering, Bexley and Redbridge all offer the dating couple a good choice of restaurants where they may enjoy a good meal in comfortable surroundings. Havering's best-rated eateries are the Village Bar and Grill, Tarantino, and Osteria Due Fratelli, whilst Bexley can offer the expensively named Ferrari's, and Assos Steak, Wine and Meze House, to name but a few. Redbridge is equally well served with good restaurants with Provender and the Westbridge Hotel being amongst the borough's best.

So whichever borough you are meeting in and whichever East London dating venue you choose, there are plenty of other options if this first one isn't to your liking. The rich mix of cultures and cuisines make East London a place worthy of further exploration.

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