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If you find the whole process online dating a bit daunting you probably won't want to complicate things further by choosing an inappropriate location for those all important first dates. It's a good idea to put almost as much care into choosing dating venues as it is in picking the best place to meet.

Even a relationship that starts well online can be hindered by meetings held in locations that one of you finds uninspiring. If you are fortunate enough to live within reach of the beautiful Scottish city of Dundee, or if you're planning to travel there to meet someone, then stay tuned to what follows.

For a good number of people the first date will in a bar or restaurant and Dundee has plenty to offer; Italian - Luigi’s Pizzeria, Cafe Sicilia, and Don Michele.

Spanish cuisine is also popular within the city and both the Sol Y Sombra and Mint tapas bars and restaurants come highly recommended.

Other great Dundee dating venues for those with an appetite include The Ship Inn and Waterfront Restaurant, The Milton Inn (large selection of ales and whiskies, and they do bed and breakfast too), Agacan (Turkish), and The Playwright for fine dining.

If you are keen to do something really different on your next date in Dundee there are numerous suggestions for you. For example, many people like to explore the main cultural attractions of the city as this provides them with ideas for conversations.

Some possible locations include the Dundee Contemporary Art centre, the Verdant Works (home to the Jute Museum), and the McManus, Dundee’s Art Gallery and Museum.

Meet at Local Venues

If you have discovered that you are both interested in the history of your local area you might like to visit Balmerino Abbey (a Cistercian monastic community founded in 1227) or Claypotts Castle (16th Century). Both of which will help you to discover the history of this part of Scotland from many centuries ago.

Caird Hall is a concert venue in Dundee that offers an extensive schedule of shows throughout the year. This would prove to be a great dating venue for couples who enjoy a concert and could be followed by a drink in one of the city’s many bars or clubs afterwards.

Dundee has a good number of peaceful and relaxing green areas to enjoy and two country parks which will be perfect if you really want to chat with your partner and get to know them are Camperdown Country Park and Wildlife Centre, and Clatto Country Park.

From a great concert hall, to historical attractions and numerous bars and restaurants, the city of Dundee is more than large enough to offer you a choice in any type of dating venue you could imagine.

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