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When you have ploughed your way through umpteen dating profiles, created a shortlist, and are now ready to start planning that first date, you might find this short city guide have useful for choosing a suitable location for the first meeting. In this article we will be turning our attention to this famous East Midlands town. Here are our suggestions for where to date in Derby.

The Romans built a couple of forst on the high ground overlooking the river Derwent. The Saxons built a village and the Danes settled their too. By medieval times Derby had become a busy commercial centre in the district. Derby School, founded by Queen Mary Tudor in 1554, is preserved in the form of the Derby Heritage Centre which now occupies the buildings.

Derby's railway heritage is partly demonstrated with the restored section of the Eccelsbourne Valley Railway. The valley stretches from the outskirts of Derby to the town of Wirksworth where you'll find plenty of pubs and cafes.

Derby is on the river Derwent and this river powered water mills among other things, and the Derby Silk Mill Museum (formerly known as the Derby Industrial Museum) lies in the Derwent Valley. West of the river are the Derby Museum and Art Gallery, home to Joseph Wright paintings, and Gothic Derby Cathedral.

Southeast along the river, Derby County Football Club plays at the Pride Park Stadium. In the northwest, Markeaton Park offers a craft village and a boating lake.

With the River Derwent flowing right through the very heart of Derby and as many stretches of this body of water have been designated with World Heritage Sites, rest assured there will never be a shortage of idyllic locations to spend with your first date.

By far the most attractive places to consider are Darley Abbey (just north of the city centre) and the riverside walks will reveal the Derwent in all its glory.

Derby Dating Venues

You might even want to think about driving out of the city to the north and heading into the beautiful Peak District and Derbyshire Dales: both of which are equally romantic locations for a first or any date.

Intu Derby shopping centre is one of the biggest in the region and there is a huge food court and a multi-screen cinema located directly above the main shopping areas.

Remaining within the city centre, the Cathedral Quarter of Derby is definitely the most attractive part of the central area and is where you will find some of the cosiest pubs and best restaurants. Some venue suggestions here include The Standing Order, Le Bistrot Pierre and Carnero Lounge. You could also try Darleys, a Michelin recommended waterfront restaurant in the Darley Abbey district.

Whilst Derby is thought of as being an industrial city, living here, you will be the first to appreciate how much further it goes than that. There are some truly idyllic parts of the city and definitely more suggestions for first date venues than you could ever imagine.

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