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Here are some dating tips that may help

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Dating Tips

It can cost just a few pence a day to belong to a dating site but even so there's no need to waste either your time or your money. We hope our dating tips will help to explain how easy online dating can be if you learn a few basic rules and use a little patience and perserverance.

Your first objective should be to complete your profile. It should be as comprehensive as possible without divulging your identity to other members so don't include any personal details that could identify or embarrass you. Next, make sure your main profile picture is one good quality recent photo of yourself. Spend some time over this and if necessary enlist the help of a trusted friend to take a series of photos until you have one with which you are satisfied. Many people browse profiles and choose to look more closely based on the profile picture, so make yours a special photo. Clear head & shoulders shots are best, and don't forget to smile :)

Once you've completed the basic profile and added a few additional good quality pictures it's time to look a bit more closely and to fill out those areas that you skipped over during your first run through. Complete profiles show that the person is seriously looking and not just a casual browswer. Which are you?

Chat Online

As well as your main profile photo upload others which shows off more about you. If you are able to do so try adding a video clip too! When your profile and photos are complete start experimenting with all the functions on the site particularly the search facility. Practice with this until you can find suitable matches based on the criteria you specify. Break the ice with those on your shortlist by sending winks and messages. Chat to them as you would anyone else you met in a public place i.e. be friendly but not too detailed. The idea is to strike up a conversation online first to see if there's some attraction.

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