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UK Dating Sites

When it comes to UK dating sites you are spoilt for choice. Here is a small selection of speciality sites that cater for those who have a particular interest or age group. All these sites are managed to the same high standard and with the same degree of professionalism that you can expect to find here.

Love Horse is a well established site for equestrians and other animal lovers who cannot imagine life without their four legged friends. It was launched in 2005 and over ten years later it's still going strong.

The Online Dating Bible is a good one for Christians seeking their soulmate and life partner, while at the other end of the dating spectrum there's My Casual Friends which caters for those wish to pass like ships in the night, so there's two at opposites ends of the spectrum!

For those who enjoy the country life generally there's Country Dates and for a good over 50s dating site there's Love Generations. For those searching for single men and women who are happy get soil under their fingernails there's the Love Garden which caters for (you guessed it) single gardeners, and if you're interest in the natural world extends to concerns and convictions about environmental issues then why not try Eco Friendly Dating in which you are likely to meet people who put green issues high on their list of priorities.

More Choices

If you're not looking for a site that caters for a specific interest, age group or religion then you could try one of the more general matchmaking sites. For example, Love Services has been providing matchmaking services for many years.

Meanwhile, the world is your oyster and if you're looking beyond the UK then there's Love Services for South Africa, and one in Australia that's growing in popularity called Best Dating Australia.

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