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If you're trying to think of some ideal Coventry dating venues then it shouldn't be difficult given the size and scope within this West Midlands city. With a population of over 316,000 inhabitants it is the second largest settlement in the region. With historic sites to visit in the day and a pulsating nightlife in its heart there should be no shortage of ideas.

Even though Coventry was the third most severely bombed city in the UK during World War II (after London and Plymouth respectively), it rose like a phoenix from the ashes. The citizens managed to bounce back and build a city that they are very proud of today.

Alas, many of the historic buildings were lost but the ruins of Coventry Cathedral still stand as a testament to the historic past and a reminder of how far human nature really can go. This always proves to be a popular meeting place for people on a date in the city.

Other attractions in the city which celebrate the history and culture of Coventry include The Coventry Transport Museum which includes the Jaguar Heritage Gallery for fans of the world famous car brand. There is the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and outside the city at Coventry Airport you will find the Midland Air Museum.

You can travel even further back in time if you visit the Lunt Roman Fort which is a reconstruction of an original Roman fort that dates from the 1st Century. It's close to the airport so you could combine an aviation visit with an historic one.

If history is something that really doesn’t grab you perhaps you would prefer a slightly more active first date together. So, how about spending some time at Allesley Park where you can take advantage of an 18 hole golf course; or even relax in the tranquil surroundings of Allesley Walled Garden which is known to date as far back as the 18th Century.

Coventry Dating Venues

If a restaurant strikes you as being the most ideal type of venue for your next date, it probably will not come as any surprise that there are literally hundreds to choose between in the city. Asian food: ranging from Chinese, to Afghan and Indian is extremely well catered for in Coventry and the most popular venues in this category include Turmeric Gold, Blue Fusion, Zeenat and Court 6.

If you fancy some Italian cuisine the most highly praised venues include Cafe Italia and Ristorante Da Vinci. For good old English food choices might include the Newlands and the Town Wall Tavern.

After your meal, if you are keen to really make a night of things, you will find that Coventry has an excellent nightlife: with myriad different bars, pubs and clubs. You might also like to think about a performance at the architectural gem that is the Albany Theatre. Check the website for details and plan ahead.

Many people can tend to forget just how far back the history of Coventry stretches. Perhaps this because so much was lost during the bombing raids of World War II. However, much survived and there is plenty of its industrial and architectural heritage remaining to be explored.

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