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The idea of a good date is to be able to relax with someone in an atmosphere that suits you both. The city of Carlisle can accommodate most date ideas that you may have. It is both rich in history and a modern centre. If you already have some idea of what interests your date then there's likely to be something to see and do that you'll both enjoy. Here are a few ideas for locations and attractions.

Fantails restaurant is on the village green and handy for visitors to Carlisle who want to see the Roman Wall, Carlisle Cathedral and the castle. If you fancy a really good fish and chips meal try Mammas Fish Restaurant. Their menu includes gluten free options.

Carlisle offers lots of restaurants, bistros and sandwich caf├ęs. There are plenty of other options conveniently located in the city centre offering cuisines that include Greek, Spanish, Indian, Mexican, Chinese and many more.

For clubbers there is Club Concrete on Lowther Street, open open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from around 11pm to 3 or 4am. Live music can be found at The Brickyard. They host tribute acts and other bands as well as themed music nights. Check their website for the latest listings, buy a couple of tickets, then take your date to see the band. A surprise visit like this will make the evening go well.

Carlisle has an expanse of greenery as you would expect given its location. A popular choice with couples is the main local park, through which runs the river Eden. This is a wonderful area and like all such spaces it's conducive to a walk and a talk as you get to know each other.

If you fancy a trip out of the urban area to a country show the the Cumberlans Show is held each June in East Park, Brisco.

Carlisle Dating Venues

A busy theatre will have something for most people, whatever their tastes. The Sands Centre has productions on all the year round. Everything from rock, pop, and to theatrical dramas, comedy and of course, pantomime.

If you want to learn about the history of the area and see some of the art then no visit to Carlisle would be complete without a visit to the Tullie House Museum and Art Gallery. It's easy to find on Abbey Street and close to the castle.

Other options for dates and general entertainment include the Vue Cinema and bowling alley in Currock Road. Chomp on some popcorn together whilst watching the latest 3D film release, or get in on the action and challenge each other to a bowling night.

Carlisle could not be talked about without the mention of its ancient castle. There is a military museum on the grounds and guided tours on offer. Carlisle has been an important centre for trade for centuries and was a vital location for the Romans during their occupation. Let your imagination tell the story as you wander around the castle grounds.

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