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Cardiff is an incredible city full of promise for anyone looking for a romantic day. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination, but here's a few date ideas for couples looking for where to date in Cardiff to get you started:

  • You cannot go wrong by taking your date to the The Classroom which you'll find in the CAVC City Centre Campus on Dumballs Road. It was well reviewed by Jay Rayner in The Guardian, August 2016.
  • If you're craving international fare take your date on a stroll down Mill Lane, where you can quickly find cuisine from countless countries around the world.
  • Why not try a picnic? The Cardiff Seaside Market is packed with vendors selling everything from wine and cheese to salads and sandwiches. Best of all, you'll be right by the sea - the perfect backdrop for a romantic day.
  • Cardiff's most famous sports venue is the Millennium Stadium. Whether you watch a rugby match or simply go on a tour of the stadium, you're sure to have a great time.
  • For something a little different why not try the Cardiff International Whitewater (canoeing and rafting courses) or the next-door Cardiff Devils (ice hockey)? You might catch a competition.
  • Exciting outdoor adventures are a wonderful way to make you date a memorable one. Taff Valley Quad Bike & Activity Centre, just to the north of Cardiff, offers everything from biking to archery, all set in the beautiful Welsh countryside.
  • Even if you live in Cardiff you can't go wrong by visiting the stunning Cardiff Castle. Best of all, if you buy one ticket you can visit the castle for 12 months for free!

Cardiff Dating Venues

  • Even if you've been to the National Museum before it may be time to go there again with your date. If you're in a romantic frame of mind, you just may be able to appreciate the magnificent art collection as never before.
  • If the two of you enjoy history, there's nothing quite like visiting the St. Fagan's National History Museum. Just don't forget that it's open-air! It provides a great way to enjoy Cardiff's beautiful weather, but you'd be wise to have a back-up plan just in case it rains.
Arts & Entertainment:
  • If musicals and theatre are to your liking consider taking your date to Cardiff's New Theatre which offers a wide variety of performances throughout the year.
  • You'd also do well visiting the Wales Millennium Centre, which offers first-class dance, opera, and orchestral performances.

There are truly hundreds more possibilities in this wonderful city. The sky's the limit, so have a great time exploring!

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