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Having looked through numerous dating profiles of single people in Kent and chatted with a few online you have finally plucked up the courage and decided to meet. Now you need to plan where to date in Canterbury to enjoy a outing together. Perhaps you have already met once or twice briefly and now need some new date ideas.

Canterbury is a city rich with history and cultural heritage reflected in its architecture and famous buildings. Whilst there are many fascinating places to explore and with which to interact with history the city has other modern attractions which will appeal to couples.

There is no shortage of city centre bars and cafes in Canterbury. You could for example meet for brunch at Canteen located at 17 Sun Street, just a few steps away from the Cathedral gate. Sit upstairs in the café watching the world go by as you plan your day. If it is a first date you might want to keep your options open and just leave after a cup of coffee. Otherwise you might take the opportunity to learn more about each other and the city and spend the day together.

You could take a guided walking tour such as the one which leaves from The Old Buttermarket twice-daily at 11am and 2pm in the summer. The walking tour takes around 1 ½ hours and the fee includes entry to the cathedral precinct. The cathedral which is still a place of worship was founded in 579 AD and is a world heritage site and the shrine of St Thomas Becket.

If you want to experience medieval life for yourself you could visit the Canterbury Tales experience on St Margaret’s street, which is a fun re-enactment and dramatisation (with accompanying sounds and smells) of Chaucer’s Canterbury tales.

A guided river trip is a great way to spend a sunny day and you will see things you might miss on foot. Afterwards, you could walk round the riverside gardens located behind the Pilgrims Hospital. Another fantastic thing to do on a warm day is visit the RSPB Reserve at Blean Woods on Rough Common Road. This is a fantastic bird sanctuary within a large area of easy woodland walks. What is even better it is all free!

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If you enjoy nature, you will also enjoy Howletts Wild Animal Park on Bekesbourne Road. The park features rare and endangered species such as the North Chinese Leopard and the Grizzled Leaf Monkey. You could take a picnic and spend all day there together.

How about a romantic river tour on the river Stour? Don't think that this is just for summer days and evenings. They provide a canopy to protect you from rain and hot water bottles for colder weather.

In the evening you could visit one of the many city centre pubs. The Jolly Sailor on Northgate has real ale and live music. Most city centre pubs offer food but if you would rather dine in a restaurant there is the Olive Grove, an Italian on Best Lane.

Theatre tickets are often a great idea for a date. Choose from the small intimate venue of the Gulbenkian Theatre at Giles Lane, perfect for comedy shows, or the newly opened Marlowe Theatre which is a venue for some modern West End shows.

Canterbury has a lot to offer and if you plan to make a day or a weekend of it there are other attractions in the surrounding area. Check out the the What's On guide for seasonal attractions..

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