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The University and the River Cam

Cambridge is a lovely university town and is the home of the world famous University of Cambridge. Both in the city limits and out in the Cambridgeshire countryside you'll find fun, nature, beauty and excitement. The thousands of university students add an atmosphere to the town that is renewed each autumn with the arrival of the freshers beginning their new terms. This annual cycle of renewal produces a never ending supply of fresh faces ready to sample all that the city has to offer.

The 40 acre oasis that is the Cambridge University Botanic Gardens is delightful place to have a pleasant saunter. Enjoy a night stroll together during their late openings. The magical glow the flowers lend an especially romantic touch, and if you're lucky you and your date may spot foxes, badgers or even bats on an summer's evening. Take a romantic stroll along the nearby Woodland Walk too.

The River Cam is a popular place for canoeing, sailing, rowing and swimming. Punting is the most popular sport in the area, especially fitting because the river is shallow and passes through the heart of Cambridge. Punting on the River Cam will certainly give you and your date an unforgettable experience.

One of Britain's oldest nature reserves Wicken Fen is an ideal place to walk on beautiful green nature trails, observe thousands of species of wildlife and flowers or have a quiet picnic together. Don't forget the strawberries and champagne!

Cambridge Dating & The Body Beautiful

It may not be the first idea for a date but how about a visit to the Salus Wellness centre in Norfolk Street? There's about a dozen different types of massage on offer. The shared experience of an aromatherapy massage or some reflexology could be the prelude to a romantic evening.

On the other hand you could finish your date there and retire to spend the night in more intimate surroundings. The Lensfield Hotel is near the centre of the city. Check their website for special deals for luxury breaks for two.

Cambridge Dating & Dancing

How are your dancing feet? Can there be any better way to get to know someone while enjoying yourselves than dance classes? One place that offers great, affordable classes is the 'Cambridge Cuban Salsa Club'. They meet at different venues throughout the city. Once the two of you are feeling brave enough to try your skills head over to the one of these venues in Cambridge where salsa is the order of the day.

If dancing works up a thirst a then there are lots of fun pubs in Cambridge; the University students have seen to that! Here is a list of the most popular bars in Cambridge. There's something there for everyone's taste and if any you try don't meet expectations then there are options for the next date.

If pubs are more your scene then there are watering holes throughout the city. Some are traditional pubs with all the ambience of old ale houses while others are more akin to the bars mentioned above.

Head over to 1 Ferry Path and have a blast at The Old Spring, a neighborhood pub just a stone's throw from the River Cam. Have a homemade lamb burger, Grasmere Farm ham and eggs, a chicken Caesar salad or any one of the other many tasty dishes they offer. The Old Spring has an airy, rustic, homely feel to it; it's an easy place to feel at home.

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