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There are plenty of places for a romantic rendezvous in the charming, ancient city of Bristol. This picturesque cosmopolitan city is teeming with places to visit for interesting and exciting dates. Between the old city, the architecture, the harbours and the city centre, you'll find that there's always something going on in Bristol. Couples looking for where to date in Bristol might enjoy the following date ideas.

For a change from conventional dating venues who not go riding together? Bristol Horse Riding is the only BHS approved riding stable within the city's limits. Take a peaceful horseback ride within the 100 acres of rural area. They cater for horse riders for almost all ages and abilities.

What breaks the ice better than a shared bottle of wine? Enjoy the finer things in life and head to a wine tasting event with your date one evening. Wine Unearthed hosts fantastic wine tasting events featuring quality wines and gourmet food in a relaxed atmosphere.

If beer is more your style check out the Bristol Beer Factory and spend an evening sampling quality ales. Bristol beers are made in small batches and use only the best ingredients. The Bristol Beer Factory is an independent brewery in Southvillel. They've been busy brewing award winning beers since 2005.

The Glassboat, a modern, elegant restaurant serving English food, is set on Bristol's ancient docks. Everything about this restaurant breathes history, from the fixtures and fittings to the dock itself. Have a special evening and a wonderful meal and a glass of wine overlooking the still water. Just be sure you make reservations in advance.

Spend some time walking around the docks and the wharf-side areas.. They are the centre of Bristol's maritime heritage. It was from these very docks that hundreds of ships set sail for the new world of the Americas and the Colonies. Bristol was once England's busiest port and the gateway to the world. Don't forget to visit the SS Great Britain - you can even get married on board now!

Bristol Dating Venues

In the heart of Clifton Village you'll find the Rodney Hotel. It is a cosy, intimate hotel with a secret walled garden where you can relax, eat, drink and just enjoy the atmosphere. The Rodney Hotel is one of the most elegant establishments in Bristol and, boasting only 31 rooms, each visitor is made to feel special and catered to. This hotel is close to the Bristol City Museum of Art, the Bristol Zoo, Cabot Tower and the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Speaking of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, the views from the observatory are spectacular. Just think of how sweet it would be to gaze up at the starry sky and then over, into your partner's eyes. It just doesn't get much more romantic than that - except, of course, unless you have a nice bottle of wine with you.

Enjoy flavours from the American South west at the Firehouse Rotisserie. This hidden gem is located at Anchor Square, Harbourside in Bristol. The food is varied and the atmosphere is warm and welcoming. On a sunny day, sit on the porch outside to enjoy your meal together.

There's so much more to explore in this lovely city with your date. From flying kites together in open spaces such as Canford Park, the Down or Victoria Park or apple picking in Druids Farm, you won't be disappointed.

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