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Whether you are planning your first date or are several down the line you'll want it to be memorable. So how about Brighton? Brighton is heaving with clubs and bars so these whatever else happens you're not likely to go hungry or thirsty. However, if you are planning on getting to know someone the usual attractions may not be the ideal option. Consider some of the following date ideas instead. They may transform your idea of what Brighton has to offer.

Seaside Escapades

Living by the sea has its advantages but have you actually taken the time to explore Brighton Pier in all its glory? The pier is the perfect place to show off your skills on the games machines and hold each other close on a ride through the haunted house. If you are feeling peckish, you can grab a bite to eat from one of the many fish and chips vendors. Just make sure you do this after you have experienced the ride of your life on the rollercoaster that turns you upside down above the sea. Once you have enjoyed an action-packed day, you can take a romantic stroll along the pier as the sun goes down.

Kite Flying Fun

Brighton dating can include visits to the magnificent views to be seen on the Sussex Downs. You can pick up a kite from one of Brighton's many shops and head to the beach or Devil's Dyke to fly kites while enjoying the spectacular views from the Sussex Downs. There's a golf course up there too.

Movie Magic

The cinema may not be the most inventive idea for your first date but is perfect for any dates thereafter, when snuggling up together and watching the latest blockbusters seems like a great opportunity to relax after a hard day’s work. The Duke of York Picture Houses, located in Preston Circus, has furnished its balcony area with large sofas and comfy chairs, which adds to the romance of a date at the movies.

Tasty Tea and Cakes

Tea and scones are as British as fish 'n' chips and such a tea can make a perfect pre evening date. GB1 is a restaurant in the Grand hotel, on the seafront in Brighton. They serve an afternoon tea with a difference, combining a seafood menu with the traditional fare. Check out their website for details of the current menus..

Vintage Flea Market

A trip to Snooper’s Paradise makes for an interesting excursion on your date. Once you enter into this treasure trove of a flea market you'll find that you spend hours walking around. The chances are you'll both find plenty of vintage items to pick up and examine. If you're feeling generous then this is a great place to buy a keepsake or birthday gift.

Memorable Marina

Brighton’s Marina has a lot more to offer than just boats. There are shops, restaurants, and various other attractions. You can reach the marina from Brighton Pier on foot in around half-an-hour. If walking is impractical then it is well served by the local buses. It includes bowling alley and casino as well as the countless cafes, pubs, and restaurants. If the sea calls you then take your date out on the water by hiring a boat for a few hours.

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