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There are times when a couple on a date do not need the pressure of an overtly romantic atmosphere. This is equally true whether you are young and just getting to know each other or if you are more experienced at the UK dating game. Maybe one or both of you have children. Bournemouth is perfect for all types of dating situations. Here's our list of where to date in Bournemouth.

While dining and clubbing are not compulsory, if this is what you feel like doing then Bournemouth has plenty of lovely restaurants, clubs, pubs and bars. For a traditional pub meal, complete with top-quality real ales, there are many to choose from. Apart from pubs, there are more than 250 different restaurants from which to choose.

For a truly different date idea, you could do a lot worse than take a tour of the local university. This would mainly appeal to older teenagers who are considering further education or to adults considering employment there. Open days are held during the months of September, October and November. This would give you both an opportunity to see what the area is like and also find out more about what you have in common.

Art and Museums

The Russell Coates Art Gallery and Museum located atop the East Cliff was commissioned in 1897 by the owner as a birthday present for his wife. It doesn't get more romantic than that! Visitors have described it as 'Victorian splendour with incredible views!' and described entering the museum through the garden as 'a magical experience.'

For a truly memorable experience, try viewing Dorset from the gondola of a balloon. Champagne balloon flights for two are available from the nearby town of Blandford Forum. Become enchanted by spectacular panoramic views of the English Channel and Dorset countryside for up to twenty miles. Whatever happens with the relationship, the memories will last forever.

Lose an entire day at the Bournemouth Oceanarium, an underwater adventure where you can explore the waters of the world from the Great Barrier Reef to the Abyss. The interactive Dive Cage alone can occupy an individual for a full two hours.

Free Dating Venues

For couples on a budget, Bournemouth has plenty of free activities, such as:

Bournemouth Beach - Seven miles of golden sands from Poole Harbour to Henigstbury Head.

Boscombe Pier - Stroll along in the sunshine, watching the surfers and taking in the fresh sea air.

The Boscombe Arts Trails a walk down Sea Road, starting at the shopping precinct and ending up at Boscombe Pier. Seven innovative sculptures created by local artist Andy Kirkby.

Chill out at Poole Park, 109 acres of green space and activities including tennis, putting and bowls. Take the Land Train, look at the model yachts and boats or enjoy a picnic.

Boscombe Surf Reef is Europe's first artificial surf reef. This football pitch-sized reef made up of giant sandbags, is 220 metres off shore and serves as a ramp for waves, making the local surfing experience one to remember.

The Bournemouth International Centre (BIC) and Pavilion is one of Europe's premiere leisure, hospitality and conference venues. Take a backstage tour or enjoy a summer organ concert.

Bournemouth is an excellent setting for dates of all ages and interests.

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