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There's plenty of opportunity for Birmingham dating in this historic, regional city. Since the early 1990s Birmingham has been going through a radical change. Much of the city was destroyed during World War II but it has once again become the bustling city that it once was, complete with art museums, great places to eat and a exciting night life. All of this means there are no end of Birmingham dating venue ideas.

If pubs are your thing then you may want to meet your date at The Bull, found at 1 Prince Street. It's a popular pub and everyone knows where it is. They serve a wide selection of beers and home cooled meals, they also offer great specials.

Why not hop over to the Sea Life Centre and have a great time watching over 1,000 sea creatures like sharks, seahorses, rays, otters and sea turtles. Be sure to pay a visit to the amazing Bowmouth shark. If this is a first date you can also fill any awkward gaps in conversation with references to the many types of sea life.

For some more nature, check out the Birmingham Wildlife Conversation Park. This haven and refuge for endangered species and other animals is home to Red Pandas, lemurs, reptiles, meerkats, otters, birds, wallabies and a large collection of monkeys.

If you find the aquariums and wildlife parks too family oriented then head over to the Electric Cinema, the oldest working cinema in the country. Have a couple of drinks at the bar and settle down in your seat for one of the quality films. It is very atmospheric and you'll probably want to plan a return visit to watch more films. There is an extensive bar menu along with sweets and (deli) snacks.

In Broadway Plaza, you'll find cinema, bowling, restaurants and pubs galore. Brindley Place has great bars and restaurants. If you want French, Italian, Japanese, Thai, Spanish, Cantonese, British or fusion restaurants you'll find it here, and if you and your date like to shop you'll find an abundance of opportunities at these centres.

Dating Venues

Cannon Hill Park is the most beautiful park in Birmingham, complete with lakes, flower beds, tress and grass. Come here and have a romantic picnic in the grass right before the sunset and then lay back on your blanket and stargaze. If you're the sporty type there are putting greens, tennis courts, bicycle lanes and bowling greens to try.

The Blue Orange Theatre hosts all kinds of acts; comedy, music, pantomimes, and films. You'll find it in Great Hampton Street. It has seating for 100 and a spacious bar. Stop by The Roadhouse at the Wharfside Leisure Complex on Lifford Lane, a kicking pub where there is an open stage for aspiring performers.

As you might expect in a city of this size there are no shortage of restaurants in Birmingham. Simpsons Restaurant in Egbaston should be on your list. Not only is it a fantastic place to eat but they also offer a cookery school You won't regret splashing out on a meal for two there. Another great place to eat is The Vaults, a restaurant and bar that offers a comfortable place to relax and unwind. Enjoy not only the delicious food but also the local contemporary art and photography that decorates the walls. The Vaults is located at Newhall Place in Newhall Hill.

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