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Belfast may not spring immediately to mind when thinking of romantic cities for UK dating but first impressions can be deceptive; anyone scratching the surface of this wonderfully historic city will discover a place that offers much for dating couples to enjoy. Here's a short list of where to date in Belfast.

Your Heart Will Go On

High on any agenda should be a visit to the Titanic’s Dock and Pump House; James Cameron’s blockbusting movie has inexorably linked the famous liner with romance what better place to become immersed in it than the dry dock she lay in on the eve of that fateful maiden voyage. Climbing down into the dock is a must; it gives a real sense of the scale of the ship.

As tragic an ending as there was to the tale of the Titanic, being so close to the birthplace of the legendary liner is somehow incredibly uplifting; it is almost as if the sense of wonder and optimism present at the time of building her has somehow remained long after the vessel left the dock.

Love On The Rocks

Although situated a few miles out of the city centre, Cave Hill is well worth a visit; rising 1200 ft above sea level it offers a great view of Belfast and, on clearer days, of Scotland and the Isle of Man too. It is a great spot to take a bottle of wine and absorb the views.

The unusual profile of the land has resulted in one outcrop being labelled "'Napoleon’s Nose" because of its alleged similarity to the profile of the renowned Emperor. It is here, gazing on the rocky representation of man, that Jonathan Swift is said to have been inspired to write “Gulliver’s Travels”.

'Sittin' on the Back Seat'

The Queens Film Theatre is a perfect venue for cuddling up and catching a romantic movie; this is a world away from the multiplex experience and a chance stumble upon films that would be unlikely to be seen anywhere else in Belfast.

The small two-screen theatre specialises in independent films and old classics (although recent films are also shown) and the atmosphere is relaxed and fun.

Food of Love

Belfast is also home to a plethora of eating places and it is easy to find restaurants perfectly suited to couples looking for a romantic meal.

Those looking for a relaxed and intimate atmosphere would do well to visit Molly’s Yard. Situated off the busy Botanic Avenue, the restaurant specialises in quality locally-sourced Irish food. The restaurant has been recommended by the Michelin Guide for the last four years so customers are clearly in good culinary hands.

Scalini Restaurant is also a good option for couples. The restaurant, while having a capacity of 250, is uniquely designed and has multiple floor levels so even when the restaurant is busy it retains a strong feeling of intimacy. Those looking for authentic Irish cuisine should look elsewhere though; Scalini is quintessentially Italian and it is easy to imagine the restaurant is in Bologna rather than Belfast.

With a little exploration it is evident that there are many Belfast dating venues to suit all couples; romance is very much alive in Northern Ireland.

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