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Although it is one of the smaller cities in Great Britain there is plenty of opportunities for Bangor dating. This is largely because of the city's university which brings is about 10,000 students each year. As a result residents and visitors alike are able to stay busy in Bangor and are usually able to find something to do while out on a date. So to inspire you here's a short list of where to date in Bangor.

Garth Pier

Bangor Garth Pier is one of the largest piers in all of Britain at 460 metres in length. It is a great place to take a stroll with a date in the evening, as it goes well out into the water. While on the pier, you can take your date for some tea in one of the pier's famous tea rooms.

Penrhyn Castle

A trip to Wales is not complete without visiting a castle as these old buildings definitely provide a romantic atmosphere. Walk through Penrhyn Castle, visiting the walled gardens or take a look at the gift shop. There is no better way to spend an afternoon than exploring the long and eventful history of this great region. It will certainly spark your imagination and give you plenty to talk about.

Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery

Another afternoon activity is a visit to the city's Gwynedd Museum and Art Gallery (now renamed STORIEL). The admission is free, which saves some cash for later on in the date, and the museum allows you to explore Bangor's past. The gallery is always changing, since it is stocked with temporary exhibits throughout the year.

University Concert Series

When looking for date ideas at night check out the University Concert Series. These concerts are performed at the Powis Hall or Prichard-Jones Hall every Thursday and Saturday evening during the school year. The music is usually classical in nature and include orchestras ensembles and solo artists.


If you are looking to take a date out for dinner, Papillon is a good place to consider because it is a small and intimate location on High Street. The restaurant is elegant enough to impress your date, without being too busy to take away from the atmosphere.

Meet at Local Venues

The Fat Cat Bar

If you want to go out for a quick drink in Bangor, The Fat Cat Bar is one of the most popular places in town. While this bar is one of the pricier options, the atmosphere is great and the food is outstanding, especially when compared to other bars.

Peep Nightclub

Those who wish to take their date out dancing after dinner should definitely stop by Peep, a nightclub in Dean Street, Bangor. It's one of the largest venues of its type in north Wales and extends over three floors. This allows for a variety of sounds with DJs playing two of the floors. So if you fancy a change you can head up or downstairs for a different vibe.

Small is Beautiful

As you can see, there are plenty of places to take a date in Bangor. Just because the city is small, does not mean that it is not fully equipped with great date ideas. The fact that there is a university within the city means that there is plenty to do, since the students need entertainment during the school year and beyond.

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